Code of Conduct

Our employees

How we treat one another 

Indaru promotes equal opportunity in its hiring practices, makes recruiting decisions based solely on job-related criteria and does not use forced labor.  At Indaru, we treat each other with respect and dignity. This means that all employees are entitled to work in an environment that is free of harassment, bullying and discrimination.

Harassment, bullying and discrimination take many forms, including:

  • Unwelcome remarks, gestures or physical contact
  • Display or circulation of offensive, derogatory or sexually explicit pictures or other materials, including by email and on the internet
  • Offensive or derogatory jokes or comments (explicit or by innuendo)
  • Verbal or physical abuse or threats


Indaru actively creates and promotes an environment that is inclusive of all people and their unique abilities, strengths and differences and promotes diversity as a strategic and competitive business advantage for the company. As we continue to grow, embracing diversity in every aspect of our business is vital to our long term success. We respect diversity in each other, our customers and suppliers and all others with whom we interact. Our goal is to be an utmost inclusive company globally, working toward full equity, inclusion and accessibility for those whose lives we touch.

Our employees must always be professional 

All employees must show integrity and professionalism in the workplace.

All personnel must carry out their job responsibilities with honesty and respect for consumers and the community, as well as their authority. Managers and supervisors must also be careful not to abuse their authority. We expect them to delegate duties to team members while taking into account their workloads and skill sets. In the same way, we expect team members to follow their team leaders’ instructions and complete their tasks efficiently and on time.

Employees cannot accept gifts or invitations to dinners or events from clients or partners of more than 50€. If so, it would be viewed as corruption and can engender disciplinary actions.

The dress code is Business Casual. Employees must be dressed appropriately when clients or such come into the office. Business casual workwear usually includes a collared shirt (button-up or polo shirt) or sweater on top, with slacks, khakis, chinos, or a pencil skirt on the bottom. You may also wish to add a blazer or sport coat, but you don’t necessarily need a custom-tailored suit jacket. Shoes should be closed-toe and professional, whether you choose boots, heels, flats, loafers, mules, or oxfords.

Regarding absenteeism and tardiness, employees should follow their schedules. Employees are expected to consult their superior in case of emergencies. When circumstances or situations prevent employees from sticking to regular working hours or days, we can grant an exception. However, in general, we expect employees to arrive and leave for work on time. Always alert your manager if you arrive to work late or are absent from work. All employees must be willing to communicate with their coworkers, managers and other team members. Furthermore, we expect employees not to misuse their employment perks. Specifically, vacation time, insurance, facilities, memberships, or other perks that our company provides.

Lastly, all employees should read and follow the Company policies. For any queries, they should ask their managers.

Our deliverables

Employees must compete fairly and ethically for all business opportunities. We focus on serving our clients’ best interests. All claims, communications and representations made to clients must be true, comprehensive and truthful, according to employees. Employees are also prohibited from entering into or attempting to enter into any unlawful obligations on the Company’s behalf. Never improperly accuse or engage the company in disagreements with customers or others.

Continuous improvement

The company encourages all employees to continuously improve their skills and knowledge and to share their ideas and suggestions for improving the company’s operations.

Workplace environment

Workplace health, safety and security

To work effectively, all of us need a healthy and safe environment.

In order to enhance workplace security, you should be familiar with and follow any work safety information and training provided to you. Furthermore, employees are expected to follow all safety rules and practice, as such:

  • Cooperate with officials who enforce these rules and practices
  • Take necessary steps to protect themselves and others
  • Attend required safety training;
  • Immediately report all accidents, injuries and unsafe practices or conditions

Lastly, remember that all forms of substance abuse as well as the use or distribution of drugs and alcohol while at work is strictly prohibited.

Our customers

How we treat our customers

We are focused on our customers, therefore customer service is a top priority at Indaru. We work hard to meet the needs and expectations of our clients and we treat them with the same decency and respect that we do one another. This implies, for instance, that we never victimize our clients through discrimination or harassment.

In addition, we pledge to advertise our services in a trustworthy and ethical manner. We give exactly what we advertise. Delivering on our commitments is of paramount importance to us and we do it. While maintaining any confidentiality between our clients and us, we provide our services in a timely and genuine manner.

Business practices

Compliance with laws and regulations

Indaru is dedicated to abiding completely by all the laws, rules and regulations of the nations in which it conducts business. When carrying out your responsibilities, you must abide by all applicable laws, rules and regulations. You should speak with your manager if you believe there to be a disagreement between the standards and any applicable laws, rules, or regulations, or if you have any doubts about whether your conduct or that of other partners is legal.

We comply with all laws, whether local, national or regional. All our employees and those acting on our behalf must protect the Company’s legality. They should comply with all environmental, safety and fair dealing laws. Violations of law can result in significant harm to the Company, including financial penalties, denial of government contracting privileges, imprisonment for criminal misconduct and damage to our business relationships and reputation. People associated with us are expected to be ethical and responsible when dealing with our company’s finances, products, partnerships and public image.

Finally, Indaru has financial integrity. We view that accurate and reliable financial and business records are of critical importance. You must not engage in any actions that could result in conveying false or inaccurate financial information to our Company or our clients. You must ensure that all submissions you make to the Company or the client on our behalf are complete and accurate.

Conflict of interest

We all must avoid conflicts of interest.  A conflict of interest exists when a personal interest or activity interferes or appears to interfere with the duties that you perform at, or owe to, Indaru. A conflict of interest may unconsciously influence even the most ethical person and the mere appearance of a conflict may cause a partner’s acts or integrity to be questioned.  To avoid conflicts of interest or any appearance of favoritism, ensure that you do not work directly for, supervise or make employment decisions about a family member. Personal or romantic involvement with a competitor, supplier, or another employee of the Company might affect your ability to exercise good judgment on behalf of the Company. This could lead to a conflict of interest. Personal relationships and romantic liaisons between employees who are in a manager-employee reporting structure may lead to team management challenges and reduced morale. Such relationships must be disclosed to the manager immediately who may take appropriate corrective action.

Intellectual property & proprietary information

Confidential information

All Indaru employees acquire certain proprietary knowledge and information during the course of their job. Employees are trusted to protect the privacy of this crucial information. Plans for business and marketing, communications within the organization and details about current and upcoming services are all examples of confidential information. Information about Indaru should only be utilized internally and should not be shared with anyone else. You must return all business supplies, property and copies if you decide to quit Indaru. Maintaining the secrecy of sensitive information and other proprietary information is a crucial component of such protection.

Indaru is committed to being fair in the areas of confidential information and materials. Just as we take care to protect our information, Indaru respects the information of others. Here are some basic rules to follow:

  • Do not bring any material from prior employers to Indaru
  • Do not accept or use anyone else’s confidential information
  • Do not solicit confidential information from another company’s present or former employees
  • Do not engage in espionage
  • Be transparent in obtaining information about the marketplace

Other intellectual property

As an employee, the things you create for Indaru belong to the company. This includes invention, discoveries, ideas, improvements, software programs, artwork and works of authorship. This work product is Indaru’s property if it is created or developed, in whole or in part, on company time, as part of your duties or through the use of company resources or information. Employees must promptly disclose to Indaru, in writing, any such work product and corporate with the company’s efforts to obtain protection for Indaru.

Remember too, that brands are fragile and must be used carefully and protected from misuse.  For example, you should only use software for which you have a valid license and should only use that software in accordance with the terms of the license for that software. Written materials and music may be subject to copyright protection and should be copied only when permitted. Use caution, as not all copyrighted materials bear a notice.

Community involvement

Environmental mission statement 

Indaru is committed to doing its part for the environment. We fulfill this mission by:

  • We aim to be carbon neutral by using low CO2 servers
  • We contribute to carbon offsetting projects every time we book business trips

Personal activities

Indaru understands the importance of balance between work, personal and family life and we encourage employees to be involved in their communities. However, employees should not impose their personal beliefs or opinions on other partners or represent their personal opinions of those of Indaru. You may keep your personal activities outside of the workplace confidential, but always keep in mind that you are a representative of Indaru. Your conduct can affect perceptions of the Indaru brand and service.

Disciplinary actions

Possible consequences 

Our Company may have to take disciplinary action against employees who repeatedly or intentionally fail to follow our Code of Conduct. Disciplinary actions will vary depending on the violation.

Possible consequences include:

  • Demotion
  • Reprimand
  • Suspension or Termination for more serious offenses
  • Detraction of benefits for a definite or indefinite time

We may take legal action in cases of corruption, theft, embezzlement or other unlawful behaviors.