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Establish a solid foundation for your marketing efforts

We will help you stay ahead of the competition in an increasingly complex media and technology market by defining the right ecosystem for your marketing activities. Select the right agencies, tools, data partners or organizational design.

Our media consulting services

Indaru empowers CMOs and Media Managers to define their strategy and media operating model by providing expert guidance in selecting the most suitable agency partners, cutting-edge tools, relevant data, and effective processes, as well as delivering specialized training sessions from an independent and subject matter expert perspective.

How defining the right media ecosystem will add value to your marketing activities

The differentiating point with your competitors is not in the technology, it is not in the 3rd party data nor in the publishers agreements; it is how you operate all of them.

There are many reasons why redesigning your media operating model is a good investment for your business. A media operating model can help you:

Define the right organization and partner ecosystem to execute advanced marketing campaigns.

Measure the performance of your campaigns by taking into consideration metrics across all platforms, such as frequency and reach for OTT ads, and conversions for online platforms.


Speed up the ability to test new campaigns in that all stakeholders understand their responsibilities in relation to testing, from planning to execution and reporting.

Retain talent by providing a clear and concise framework for media operations, with distinct roles and job specifications. This demonstrates your organisation is serious about its media investments and worth being a part of.
Improve your decision-making processes by identifying the key agencies and internal stakeholders and within your organization to work with.
Create a more efficient and effective media organizational design by streamlining processes, automating certain tasks and eliminating duplication of effort.
Ensure that your company’s media activities are aligned with its overall business objectives by optimising internal processes and the allocation of resources, improving overall efficiency.

Assess your existing adtech stack, determine whether your business is utilizing technology to the best of its advantage and where there is an opportunity to capitalize on technology to improve ROI.

Increase speed to market by remaining agile with data as the driving force behind decisions

Our experienced media consultants can provide valuable insights and guidance on how to navigate the ever-changing media landscape.

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Challenges of implementing a media operating model

There can be some challenges associated with redesigning your media operating model. These potential obstacles include selecting the wrong adtech tools, choosing an organizational design that is not aligned with your core values and objectives, resistance to change and lack of cooperation across teams, skills gaps within your teams, budget constraints and lack of understanding of the media function’s value from top management.

We are media consulting specialists

Indaru has years of experience in the media industry and a proven track record of helping clients achieve their desired outcomes – we know how to help you succeed in the marketing space. Our team has extensive knowledge of adtech, offline media and digital transformation, enabling us to provide holistic media consulting services to our clients.

We’re passionate about what we do, 100% committed to remaining unbiased and have no conflict of interest with any tech vendor or publisher.