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Maximize your marketing team’s potential with our expert organizational design selection services

We can assist you in the correct marketing organizational design selection for your business to remain competitive. Marketing organizational structures define the roles and responsibilities of employees to better meet your company’s marketing objectives in an ever-changing world.

Choosing the best marketing organizational design selection for your company

With so many marketing activities going on at a given time and the many new areas of specialization that have cropped up, the importance of good organizational design has become essential. Choosing the right organizational structure type for your business should never be based on what is trending, it is entirely based on what is best for your organization as a whole. With no particular affinity towards any structure, we can give you unbiased advice on the right fit for your organization. Here are the different types of organizational structure to consider.
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Functional Marketing Organizational Structure

A functional marketing organizational structure is one in which the marketing department is organized into distinct sub-departments, each with a specific focus. For example, a common functional structure for marketing departments includes sub-departments for social media, advertising, public relations and brand management. The advantage of this type of structure is that it allows the marketing team to be highly specialized and focused on their respective areas, to more efficiently execute marketing initiatives.

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Segmented Marketing Organizational Structure

A segmented marketing organizational structure is one in which the marketing department is divided into smaller, specialized teams. Each team is responsible for a different customer segment, and they work together to create customized marketing campaigns that appeal to that segment. This type of structure can be beneficial for businesses that have a large number of customer segments, or that need to create highly targeted campaigns. It allows businesses to be more agile and responsive to changes in the market, and to better meet the needs of their customers. Other types of segmented structures include geographic and channel-based structures.

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Product Marketing Organizational Structure

A product marketing organizational structure divides the marketing department into product teams which focus on the marketing objectives for their specific product line. This includes product development, market research, advertising, sales and customer service. The product marketing organizational structure is advantageous because it allows the marketing team to have complete control over the product’s development and marketing strategy.

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Digital Marketing Organizational Structure

A digital marketing organizational structure has a company organization chart with a digital marketing manager at the top with subordinates reporting directly to them. Sub-departments would include social media management, paid advertising, reporting & analytics, ad tech specialist, and website/platforms. With experts focusing on specialized areas of digital marketing, companies generally achieve better outcomes with this model.

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Hybrid Marketing Organizational Structure

A hybrid marketing organizational structure is one that combines elements of both a divisional and functional structure. This type of structure can be beneficial for businesses that have a large marketing team and need to be able to coordinate multiple campaigns or initiatives simultaneously. It allows for greater flexibility and creativity than a traditional functional structure, and provides more opportunities for networking and collaboration among team members. Teams will report to a project manager and department head in a matrix structure.

Why choose Indaru as your business consultant

We believe that no two businesses are the same. That’s why we do not favour any particular marketing structure and instead look at every business with fresh eyes. The Indaru team strives to keep up-to-date with market trends and ad technologies, so we can offer you only the most relevant advice and guidance in selecting a suitable organizational design. Our diverse background makes us an excellent partner for you, and gives us a well-rounded understanding of the various structures in place within all kinds of organizations.

 Our ultimate goal is to understand your business on a deep level, so we can recommend the best marketing organizational structure possible for you to achieve your objectives.

Defining your marketing structure after the organizational design selection

Before we look at any new organizational structure for your business, we must first assess the existing business organizational structure. In order to define your marketing structure, we will assist you in first defining your objectives and assessing the company as a whole. Some things we will analyze include:


Current marketing strategy and chain of command

The technology or marketing tools your marketing team currently uses (e.g. Ad Servers, Customer Data Programmes and so forth)
Size of your business
Business sector activity
The business environment (is it stable and predictable or dynamic?)
Geographic locations
Number of products or services

Management structure

Once we have a good idea of the existing structures within your business and what you hope to achieve in your marketing department, we will select a marketing organizational structure to create an organizational chart for your marketing team.

The marketing organizational structure of a business defines how the marketing team will be structured and how it will interact with other departments within the company.

Implementing the organizational structure


Depending on the size and complexity of your business, this can be a daunting task, but as your business consultant, Indaru makes the process of implementation stress-free. Here is how we help you implement your new organizational structure:

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Define roles and responsibilities

The first step is to define who will be responsible for what within the new marketing structure. This includes defining roles such as traffic acquisition manager, analytics specialists, and so on. We can assist you in compiling comprehensive job descriptions, specifications and outcomes. Once these roles are defined, you can then start to assign specific tasks and responsibilities to each role, and set KPIs for each. This way any overlap or duplication is avoided to maximize ROI.

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Ensuring the right people are employed for the job

Once the core roles and responsibilities within your new marketing structure have been defined, the next logical step is to ensure all employees have the necessary skills and qualifications to fulfil their duties. In addition to skills, your team should also be able to gel with your corporate culture on a personality level. Lastly, they should be able to use any of the marketing tools their job descriptions will require.

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Define processes

Outlining and sharing the processes between the marketing team and the agencies is crucial for any successful implementation. This plan should outline all of the tasks that need to be completed, who will be responsible for each task, and when the task needs to be completed by. Without a clear process definition, it will be difficult to ensure that all of the necessary tasks are completed in a timely manner. Indaru will help you defining the right processes to coordinate all the stakeholders of your marketing organization for the right performance of the team and execution of marketing campaigns in the offline and online world.

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Set up communication channels

It’s important to set up communication channels between all members of the marketing team and other departments within the company. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and that information is flowing freely between all parties involved. With our extensive experience in this space, we can advise you on the best communication channels for your team.

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Train employees on the new structure

Once everything is in place, it’s important to provide training to all employees who will be a part of the new marketing organizational structure. This training should cover what they are responsible for, who they report to and what tools they need to use to get the job done.