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Increase your performance with paid social audits

The paid social media advertising arena has become fiercely competitive with almost every business running some kind of sponsored ad on at least one social media platform. If you want to stand out from the competition and increase your conversions, one of the best things you can do is conduct a paid social ads audit. By hiring an independent paid social auditor, you can identify areas that need improvement and make changes that will lead to better results.

What are paid social audits and why does my business need one

A paid social ads audit is a comprehensive review of your organization’s paid social media campaigns. The audit assesses all aspects of the campaign, including strategy, messaging, ad creative, budget, and results to make optimizations that will drive conversions.

As an independent third-party paid social ads auditor, we provide an unbiased, detailed analysis of your campaigns, identifying weaknesses and opportunities for growth. We also offer recommendations on how to optimize your campaigns for better results.

Some specific benefits of a paid social media ads audit include:

paid social
Improved campaign performance
By identifying areas of waste and inefficiency, you can optimize your campaigns for improved conversion rates and leads/sales.
paid social
Greater insight into customer behavior
Understanding how customers interact with your ads can help you create more targeted and effective campaigns in the future.
paid social
Better ad tracking and measurement

Check whether your tracking is correctly set up and integrated with your analytics and/or data collection platforms, so that you can get a good overview of how each asset of your paid social strategy is performing and contributing to your ROI.

We take a comprehensive approach to our audits, looking at all aspects of your paid social media activities.

Social media audit process

We follow a thorough procedure when conducting paid social media audits.

1. Account and campaign structure

The very first step is checking if your account and campaigns are correctly set up and well-organized. This step also involves checking the following:

  1. Your campaign objectives are aligned with your digital strategy.
  2. There is no duplication of audiences between ad sets and campaigns where you may be competing against yourself.
  3. Whether you have enabled automatic optimizations, such as Campaign Budget Optimization on Facebook.
  4. Whether your campaigns are structured in a sales funnel to meet the customer at each point of their journey with your brand.

Your use cases will constitute the starting point for the next part of the process.

2. Measurement

It is impossible to properly measure the success of not only your social media campaigns but their contribution to your overall RoAS without proper implementation of conversion tracking pixels. We will check if the pixels have been correctly set up and if the Analytics tracking such as Google Analytics is in place in order for you to pull data through to your GA4 dashboard to have the big picture in terms of performance measurement.

3. Audience

We will need to assess whether you are targeting the right audience with your ads. We will dive deep into each platform’s audience insights to learn more about who is engaging with your brand, then compare these findings with your existing audience targeting. We also ensure you are capitalizing on retargeting opportunities such as showing ads to people who have “added to cart” or spent a long session browsing on your website. For remarketing campaigns, we will check for example if you are excluding visitors who have already converted to reduce unnecessary spending.

4. Ad set configuration

When it comes to configuring your ad sets, there are many settings and options to choose from. The paid social audit will ensure your bidding strategy is aligned with your campaign objectives, the correct audiences and targeting options have been selected.

5. Ad creative and copy

Even if your targeting is 100% accurate, if your ad creative is letting you down, you’re not going to improve your campaign conversion rates. Images that have too much text will reduce your ad deliverability while images that don’t align with your messaging will leave your audience confused. We will check the consistency of your messaging, whether the creative aligns with your campaign objective, if you have used a variety of images and ad copy variations and that you are changing your ad creative every 2 to 3 weeks. These practices ensure best results.

6. Performance

Finally, we will analyze your existing performance metrics to enable us to see where there is room for improvement, what is performing well and create a benchmark to measure the effectiveness of the audit down the line. Metrics we need to look into include:

  1. CPA and ROAS to determine whether your campaigns are actually driving sales
  2. Conversion rates – if they are low, we will assess whether you are advertising on the right platform for your business, whether your landing pages are the correct one or analyze your call to actions…
  3. Engagement rates (CTR, Comments, Shares) help us determine whether ads are resonating with your target audience.

Why work with Indaru for paid social audits?

Indaru is a highly experienced and reputable consultancy with a track record of delivering quality recommendations for our clients. We have a team of experts who are up-to-date with the latest trends and changes in the paid social media landscape, and who can provide you with an objective and unbiased assessment of your current campaigns.

We take a comprehensive approach to our audits, looking at all aspects of your paid social media activities. Choosing us to conduct your paid social media audit gives you peace of mind that you are working with industry experts who can provide valuable and actionable insights based on large amounts of data.