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Improve your results with Amazon audits

Launching an Amazon campaign is a great way to increase your sales. However, with nearly 2 million active sellers around the world to compete with, your Amazon ads need to be optimized at all times to make you stand out. Digital marketing on Amazon is constantly changing, as are trends, so auditing your Amazon ad campaigns is vital to long-term success.

The importance of conducting Amazon audits

If you’re selling on Amazon, you’re probably already aware of the importance of advertising. Amazon is a massive marketplace with millions of products vying for attention, so advertising is one of the best ways to make sure your products are seen by potential customers and therefore improve your chances of getting sales.

There are a number of reasons why conducting audits is so important:

Improve ROAS: When your Amazon PPC campaigns work effectively, they are your greatest asset in attracting shoppers and increasing your conversions. An ineffective campaign with poor cost management can quickly spiral out of control and waste your ad spend, as well as being ineffective at generating the sales needed to improve your RoAS. For example, we may discover an ad that is no longer performing well and depleting your budget, so it needs to be removed from the account.

Identify new opportunities: Amazon’s competitive and dynamic nature means that new opportunities to capture untapped audiences are constantly emerging. For example, our keyword research may reveal new high-value keywords to target that will, in turn, increase your conversion rate and sales. By bidding on keywords that actually attract an engaged audience, you can also lower your CPL.

We are committed to ensuring that your Amazon ads adhere to best practices to avoid costly fines and poor performance with our Amazon Audits.

Amazon audits process

As digital marketers, we follow an effective method for Amazon PPC management that produces the best results for our clients. Our audit process is as follows:

1. Account structure review

We always start an audit by looking at your ad account and campaign structure to make sure they’re optimized for performance. This includes:

  • Assess how campaigns and ad groups are organized.
  • Check that there are no duplicate campaigns or ad groups within the account where you are bidding against yourself for the same keywords.
  • Assess how many of your campaigns are automated versus created by your team.

2. Account Settings Review

Next, we’ll look at your ad campaign settings to make sure you’re getting the most out of your campaigns and that everything is set up correctly. This step includes evaluating the following:

  • Your advertising budget should be reviewed to make sure it’s adequate for your campaigns.

  • Instead of relying on automatic targeting, we recommend manual targeting to give you more control over allocating your budget to high-performing keywords and allow you to load negative keywords to avoid wasted advertising.

  • Bid must be set at the match type level to be allocated proportionally between broad and exact match types. The highest bids should be placed on keywords that perform well or show potential to drive sales based on keyword research.

  • Amazon offers different types of ads, including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display ads. We’ll need to determine if the most effective ad type was selected for each campaign based on the type of product sold and the audience you’re trying to reach.

  • Finally, we’ll look at your ad placements on and off Amazon, and whether they need to be reconfigured to reach a broader audience.

3. Review of the optimization routine

We’ll discuss your optimization strategy and frequency to capitalize on missed opportunities to improve campaign performance. This could include regularly analyzing your search terms report for top converting keywords and untapped long-tail keywords that can be used in both your PPC campaigns and product listing copy.

4. KPI analysis

Understanding the performance of your campaigns is not possible without evaluating various metrics. The KPIs that we focus on during an Amazon ad campaign audit are: ACoS, Total revenue, Gross Profit and Average Order Value. These metrics help us determine if your campaigns are driving sales and generating a good ROI. Comparing these metrics with historical performance data can also allow us to see if your targeting and bidding strategy is still effective or needs adjustment.

For example, if your ACoS exceeds your total revenue or if your CPC is higher than your AOV, your campaigns are not effectively driving sales and are actually causing your business to lose money. The importance of each metric for your business will be linked to your goals.

5. Keyword Strategy

Analysis of your keywords is an essential component of an Amazon ads audit, as it allows us to detect any red flags. We looked at metrics like CTR, clicks, impressions, CPC and keyword match types to uncover potential issues that could be wasting your budget on ineffective keywords. For example, keywords with high impressions but very few clicks can be added to your list of negative keywords, so they don’t trigger your ads when someone uses them in their search and wastes your budget.

6. SEO

Optimize your product listings on Amazon to improve your visibility and ranking in Amazon search results. There are a few key factors that can affect the visibility and ranking of your products on Amazon, including:

1. Relevance: Amazon’s algorithm will try to display the most relevant products for the search terms a customer uses.

2. Performance: Amazon takes into account a product’s sales and conversion rate when determining its ranking in search results.

3. Customer Reviews: Positive customer reviews can help improve your product’s rating.

7. Final recommendations

Our final step is to provide you with specific recommendations to significantly improve your campaign performance through proper campaign structure, optimized campaign setup, a robust keyword strategy, and an optimization routine that meets current best practices.

To optimize your product listings for Amazon SEO:

1. Use relevant and specific keywords in your product title and description.

2. Provide detailed and accurate product information.

3. Use high-quality product images.

4. Encourage customers to leave reviews.

5. Optimize your prices and availability.

6. Show related products to increase sales. Related products can be a useful way for customers to discover new products that might interest them and for sellers to promote their products to a broader audience.

Amazon audits

Why choose Indaru?

As media audit experts with an in-depth understanding of Amazon’s advertising platform, we are well positioned to help you perform regular campaign and Amazon audits to optimize the structure and setup of your campaigns to ultimately generate higher and gross income, profit for your business.

Our team has successfully optimized campaigns for businesses in a variety of industries and has an eye for spotting potential campaign issues before they arise. We’re also committed to ensuring your Amazon listings adhere to best practices to avoid costly penalties and poor performance.